I want to speak about raw and skin coated humans.
What does the term “society” mean to you?
What is “society”?
Society to me is a word to describe “them” and “us”.
The word “society” is a 7 letter word that was given the power to separate humans from each other.
A hippie comun is part of the “hippie” society, and in a western “society” we are labeled as consumers.
Society, society, society.
To me is just a simple term to separate us.
Why the strong desire to separate each other? We live unhappy lives, not knowing that if we stopped labeling our “cultures” & segrating each other based on skin color, beliefs and language then maybe we could live a little happier.
Is this not what Jesus Christ came to preach? Unity & love for one another?
Is this not what Buddha, Gandhi, Rumi, Albert Einstein, Bob Marley, MLK, talked about?
Universal love.
Us humans tend to be selfish, we tend to think about me, me, me and me.
There is no room for “us” in “me”, or is there?


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