An Unsent Letter

It’s been a while
Let me make it clear,
It’s been a while.

Many dreams left unread
Rusty, in a book of fantasy.

All those damn cigarettes,
This long it took me to learn.

Unforseen future
Vanished past.

Scars remain,
Like the stabbing on my heart
I feel when I hear Bang Bang.

You know what I mean..

A letter I must unsend.
I’m a poet I used to claim,
I yell.

The end..

It’s been a while,
You see,
It’s been a while.

It’s been a while since
I last engraved my heart
In a form of art.


Groovy night to everyone!


I want to speak about raw and skin coated humans.
What does the term “society” mean to you?
What is “society”?
Society to me is a word to describe “them” and “us”.
The word “society” is a 7 letter word that was given the power to separate humans from each other.
A hippie comun is part of the “hippie” society, and in a western “society” we are labeled as consumers.
Society, society, society.
To me is just a simple term to separate us.
Why the strong desire to separate each other? We live unhappy lives, not knowing that if we stopped labeling our “cultures” & segrating each other based on skin color, beliefs and language then maybe we could live a little happier.
Is this not what Jesus Christ came to preach? Unity & love for one another?
Is this not what Buddha, Gandhi, Rumi, Albert Einstein, Bob Marley, MLK, talked about?
Universal love.
Us humans tend to be selfish, we tend to think about me, me, me and me.
There is no room for “us” in “me”, or is there?


Is tasting the sweet pomegranate vibrations of the music through my ears into my body.

Pink and purple rays cover me inside and out.
Love, love , sweet love
Of music.

I love you music,

I love the way you make my molecules vibrate and dance together.
My blood creates happy cells,
White and red,
Big fat happy cells
Dancing inside my veins
Bringing peace and joy to my life.

Honey melting upon me,
With golden musical notes running through my spinal cord.
I have to admit I do have a sweet tooth!

Thank our higher being for free wifi!

Day 1: “On the Road”

Left San Diego today. Quit my job, quit school, and just left. How easy is it to quit everything and just leave? it is really easy indeed. Bought my ticket at 12:20 today and waited 10 hours until 10:15 to board the really uncomfortable bus and now it is 4:47am, I’m in the train finally heading towards Sacramento. You know, some people are going to judge me, they are going to hate the fact that I was “irresponsible” for leaving my job and for quitting school in the middle of the semester. But sometimes, your guts tell you when it’s time to leave, there’s something, a flame inside of you that  just drives you insane until you listen to that wanderlust soul of yours and you just get up and leave. It really is THAT easy. I don’t regret anything, if I die, I will die trying to live my life the way I want it to live, not the way society kind of has chosen for me to live. Any other mother would be scared for her child, one day I hope to the Lord my mother understands my lifestyle. You know, I feel like a bird leaving it’s mothers nest, it’s kind of scary, but it’s really exiting. I’m taking control of my own life and destiny, isn’t that amazing?! My goal is to keep a journal of my journey, and document encounters, experiences, lifestyles and just record everything I possibly can to the best of my abilities. Heading out, train is finally moving I’m going to try to get some rest now. Goodnight/goodmorning and safe travels to me and to all my young adventurers out on the road!!! 💕


And when your side of the world is silent, at peace and ease, my world will be madness, stuck in a basic daily routine. When your world portrays stillness and mine action, when the air you breathe is filled with magical dust that makes you dream, I will be at a bar, drinking one sip at a time; as if every little sip where the reason for every breath you take, as you lay in a field of pure bliss. Let your heart rest in simplicity as mine sinks in regret and revenge. Only if that gentle, humble free-flowing heart of yours understood the depths of this obscure, flammable, wondrous, solitary soul.



Abbie's Tree House

“In Mexico they say when someone you love dies, a part of you dies with them. But they forget to mention that a part of them is born in you—not immediately, I’ve learned, but eventually, and gradually. It’s an opportunity to be reborn.”  ~Sandra Cisneros (via)

I like this.  It means the emptiness inside you is so the seed has room to grow.

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